PULAU SANGIHE . Clove plants are native to Indonesia. From all parts of the tree, clove flower stalks are one of the parts that are widely taken advantage of both for ingredients of spices, cigarettes, incense or aroma therapy.

Unfortunately the leaves and stems of cloves are often underestimated and are considered only as trash, even though the leaves and stems of cloves can be transformed into rupiah.

To change clove tree waste is by taking essential oils in the leaves and stems of cloves. Clove Distillery in Beha Village, Kab. Kepulauan Sangihe North Sulawesi Province has a high potential, because the clove commodity is the second largest plant planted by the Beha community.

In addition, previously there was a clove oil refinery, but it had been closed by the owner. Too bad the potential of nature and human resources cannot be maximized by the community because there is no distillation device. This is due to expensive machine prices so that people cannot afford the distillation machine.

Seeing that opportunity, waqf is here to answer the problem. This is an essential oil distillation machine, one of the forms of endowments of MSMEs for the village community of Beha. Later this machine will help increase the income of residents who originally only relied on the sale of copra and clove flowers only, will be assisted by the sale of leaves and clove stems which are considered garbage will later turn into rupiah.


Irawati / Lailatul Istikhomah

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