SURABAYA. A total of 444 Santri TPQ in Surabaya enliven Indonesia Storytelling at Nuruzzaman Mosque, Campus B, Airlangga University, Surabaya on Monday (25/12). The annual event of Volunteer Religion is conducted in 25 cities and 20 points in Solo. Santri TPQ love the country is the theme that is raised in Indonesia Storytelling This time.

The event was lively, exciting, and full of surprises. The TPQ priest present was very enthusiastic. Enthusiastic children grew higher when the Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, was present in their midst. Mrs. Risma gives advice and motivation for the children so that they will not be easily despaired by God’s grace.

“Do not forget, no matter how difficult our circumstances, we still have God,” said Mrs. Risma, in her speech.

Mrs. Risma also invites TPQ children to always share with people in need. She told me about herself having to share toys with orphaned children since childhood.

“The habit is carried over to the present, so he did not hesitate to go directly to help people in need,” said Mrs. Risma.

In the meantime, the children feel the enthusiasm of the activities they follow. “It’s great. Can be a lot of gifts, snacks, can photos with shaun the sheep and power rangers, “said Sari, one of the participants Indonesia Storytelling.

Ustadz Marzuki Imron, storyteller at this event is known as Ustadz Naruto because of his habit of telling stories by using characters in naruto cartoons. Of course, by keeping the Islamic values in the story.

In addition to listening to stories from Ustadz Naruto and Mrs. Risma, students and santriwati were also asked to write love letters for their fathers and mothers. At the same time, fundraising for our brothers and sisters in Rohingya and Palestine by bringing in SuQi puppets and 2 Superheroes to make childrens more enthusiastic to give their best infaq.

“When there were 2 traveling robots carrying a donation box for Rohingyas, I did not expect the kids to be as enthusiastic about giving infaq as much as they had without me asking or I ordered. Subhanallah this bsa teach children to share dg sesame, “said Ustadzah Nia from TPQ Zahrotul Jannah.

The excitement of the show became even more apparent when Iffah, one of the TPQ santri, came forward to convey a little tausiyah. Santri-santri TPQ, companion, and the committee was amazed by the expertise of Iffah brought tausiyah about respect to the parents.

The event closed with the main doorprize division of folding bikes. After the draw, Mia, santriwati of TPQ Al-Mubarok Keputih, is a lucky santriwati to get a bike.

“Alhamdulillah, to school and play so can ride a bike. My bike is already damaged and has not been bought, “he said with joy.


Newsroom / Aditya Evan


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