WALIKOTA BIMA APRESIASI AKSI KEBENCANAAN RZREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BIMA–Mayor of Bima, M. Quraish H. Abidin expressed his appreciation for the disaster action of RZ volunteers in Bima. “Thanks to Rumah Zakat who has provided assistance to residents of Bima since the flooding,” Quraishi said while giving a speech at the handover ceremony, West Java Cares Program assistance from the Government of West Java to Bima City Government some time ago.


On Wednesday, (01/21), RZ Volunteer get information through Facebook that Bima hit by devastating floods. “On the same evening, a team of volunteers to coordinate with RZ Sumbawa prepare assistance. And the next day, Thursday morning (12/21), 3 Volunteers already headed to Bima, “said Repi S, Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Bima in a press release received by Republika on Wednesday (01/18).


Until now, Volunteer RZ are still in Bima to carry out disaster action.

“We still continue to act in disaster because the emergency response period is valid until January 19, 2017 later. In addition, post-disaster prevention also requires a long time, so we will help Bima government especially in the cleaning action and logistic aid distribution” Surianto explained, RZ Volunteer Coordinator for action of Care for BIma disaster.


For Post -disaster action, Bima government has also prepared post-disaster programs, including plans to build new settlements in 3 points, namely in Bedi, Manggemaci district, Tolotongga, Jatiwangi district and Nggaro Bae, Rabadompu Timur district. “RZ will work together with government and corporate partners to participate in post-disaster flood action for Bima,” said Nur Efendi, RZ ‘s CEO.


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