RZ LDKO CilegonCILEGON. Marawis team from SD Juara Cilegon received an invitation to perform in an event at the Walimatul Khitan ( a feast celebrating circumcision) at Link. Curug Cilegon on Saturday (07/11) morning. In order to celebrate circumcision event which held by the relatives of one of students of SD Juara cilegon which is M. April Liyansyah.

Although at a very young age, children already have a tremendous talent. They’ve been able to play tools marawis so lively. SD Juara Cilegon Marawis team whose personnel are still in grade 2 elementary schools were recently formed for 1 year, but they often appeare performs in a variety of formal or non-formal events.

“alhamdulilah team members of marawis SD Juara Cilegon, has often followed some competition, also frequently invited to perform in some event, such as Staff Party events at The Royale Krakatau, HUT Studio Colors in Krakatau Junction, HUT Studio Puspa Arum in Mall Cilegon, Seminar at Parliament halls in Cilegon, Tarheeb Ramadan in the Care Free Day Cilegon and in various other places, “said Susanto Santawi as head master of SD Juara Cilegon.

With frequent appearing at an event, they will become more confident when they perform to join the competition. Hopefully the team marawis SD Jura Cilegon can continue creating and achieving more achievement.***

Newsroom/Ivan Supangat

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