warga-antusias-sambut-siaga-sehat-lotte-martSURABAYA. On Tuesday (11/08) RZ together with Lotte Mart Pakuwon Surabaya held a Health Preparedness Action in the hall RW 01 Kel. Lontar, district. Sambikerep. The location is within 1 km from Lotte Mart Store Pakuwon. The event began with education about Clean and Healthy Behaviour by Ilham Akbar, S.KM. Residents who were present excited to listen counseling given.

The event that was opened by Aris Ristian as Branch Manager of RZ Surabaya Branch is one form of Lotte Mart’s social care to the residents in Lotte Mart store area.

Besides providing free health check this activity also provided supplementary food for Toddlers. With 100 patients as the target, Lotte Mart’s Health Preparedness Action opened the service up to 12.00 pm.

“Thank you for holding events like this which is close to the citizens so that residents can visit to have free health checks from Lotte Mart and RZ.” Said Mrs. Yasi (60), one of the Beneficiaries.

Health Preparedness Action Activity is one of the activities the opening of Lotte Mart Pakuwon store. This activity was carried out in two consecutive days – from Tuesday to Wednesday (08-09 October) in different location. The highlights of Pakuwon Store opening will be held on 10 November 2016 in which one of the activities devolving Certificate of Appreciation for 30 foster children of Lotte Mart Pakuwon, Surabaya.


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