RZ LDKO CilegonPALEMBANG. (7/5). Waste is one of serious problem in a densely populated area. Many people there usually do not really care about waste problems. Therefore, to support local people in managing waste properly, RZ initiates a waste management and recycling program in some problematic areas.

This year, RZ invites entrepreneurs to recycle their waste into valuable such as bag made from coffee warp, night lamp from bottles, and miniature from Styrofoam.

“Through this program, they are trained how to sort waste in several category namely organic wastes, inorganic wastes, residue, and make it into souvenir. In addition, the member of waste bank can also obtain additional income from the program,” Wahyudi, project monitoring and evaluation of RZ, said.

“Thanks to RZ for the training and mentoring so we can earn more income from these products,” Marlizah, a participant, said. ***


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