MAJALENGKA, Saturday (11/16) – Cimungkal Village is a village bordering Lemah Sugih village, Majalengka Regency. This village is located at the foot of Mount Cakrabuana, which has been experiencing drought in the last few months, Cimungkal villagers are in dire need of water, for the needs of ablution, cooking, and bathing.

According to the Head of RW 04, water actually exists, but the debit is small, so it is unable to meet the needs of Ciledug community. The available water supply is very insufficient for daily needs, the long dry season results in diminished water discharge at the spring. At present, the people take their water from places that can be reached, even to valleys where there are still springs. There are some people who are willing to queue to get water from the valleys that have springs.

Coordinating with the local government, Village Apparatus, and also BPD Rumah Zakat Distributes Clean Water Assistance to Cimungkal Village. In the distribution of clean water, around 3:30 p.m. people flocked to carry jerry cans of water, and buckets, to fill their water.

Wawan Kuswendi as the facilitator of the Empowerment Village confirmed that the Ciledug area specifically RW 04 Cimungkal village are experiencing difficulty in obtaining clean water. Every day, several mothers, pass by to the springs, which are in the Cimangi valley, to fill water and tubs. Even though it rained many times too, apparently it could not provide enough water yet.

“Allhamdullillah, I give thanks to Rumah Zakat for helping the people of Cimungkal Village especially RW 04 Ciledug Hamlet. It’s true, that the flow of water began to fall, due to a long drought.” Said Mr. Wowos as chairman of BPD.


Izzatul Yazid / Hanaa Afifah

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