RZ LDKO CilegonSOLO. Some members from Kadipiro ICD, Solo, was joined in recycle waste training. In this training they learned how make recycle inorganic and organic waste to become valuables things. They start doing this business after joining business training held by RZ and Badan Lingkungan Hidup (BLH)/Environmental Institution.

“RZ’s members are trained and empowered based on their local potential. By this method we hope that they can start their business easily,” Heny Widiastuty, RZ’s Chief Program Officer said on Friday (28/3).

By generating waste, Lorong Langgar residents can obtain extra income to meet their needs. On the other hand, Heny also added that waste generating activity is proclaimed to decrease disaster risk caused by waste. “This program exists in almost all RZ’s ICD area. We hope that it can encourage people to be more careful and wise in managing waste,” Heny said.

Waste recycling program in all ICD areas was initiated by the existence of waste bank. Through waste bank, plastics waste are collected and recycled to produce valuable things such as handcrafts. “We aren’t scavengers but we are waste recycling entrepreneurs,” Aning, Kadipiro waste bank head said.

Newsroom/Eko Prasetyono

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