RZ LDKO CilegonBANDA ACEH. The pattern of public relations which has been established on great morals, manners, and religion values will create a balance and harmony in life. As a concern toward this issue, RZ and ICD Facilitator attempt to create it at Lieue Village, Darussalam District, Banda Aceh.

Lieue Village categorized as an ignorance-prone village. It is a densely populated village. Most of them work as fisherman and laborer.

Therefore, RZ collaborates with ICD Facilitator to implement several empowering programs such as educational scholarship assistance distribution, nutritious food distribution for malnourished toddler, coach and counseling program for beneficiaries, parenting class, Islamic forum for beneficiaries, nutrition farm establishment and healthy gymnastic action.

Wednesday (9/10), Syahabuddin, the ICD facilitator of Lieue, invited Local Residence to attend regular mentoring program.
These programs are expected to create a harmony, forward thinking, and noble society. “Thanks to RZ for the assistance and support, hopefully we could be better,” a local resident said. ***

Banda Aceh

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