RZ LDKO CilegonMEDAN. In many Indonesia’s major cities, waste becomes a main environmental problem that must be solved immediately. To create a comfortable and a clean environment, each people must have a high awareness on the importance of preserving environment. In addition, they have to create an effective waste management system.

Thus, to support the government and people on solving the problem, RZ implements a prime program named Waste Bank Program. This program is a part of environmental program that focuses on civilizing clean and healthy lifestyle.

One of the target areas is Sunggal Village, Medan Sunggal District, Medan. RZ and local people have established a waste bank here named Orange Waste Bank in this village. Through this program, local citizens are invited to participate in waste bank management by sorting organic and inorganic waste.

In this program, the member of Waste Bank will be introduced to the various types of waste and how to sort, manage, and sell them. In addition, they are also trained to produce valuable product by recycling waste.

Heny Widiastuti, RZ Chief Progam Officer, claimed that business opportunity can be obtained from many things and one of them is waste. “By the existence of this program, RZ expects to create sustainable environment and prosperous society,” she said.***


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