RZ khitmas halmahera2CILEGON. PCL Halmahera citizens held mass circumcision by cooperating with Cilegon RZ Brach Office in PCI Halmahera Hall E, RT 2, RW 7, Cilegon on Sunday (15/6). There were 44 boys who join the program and they came from various regions in Cilegon.

This program was implemented as PCL Halmahera citizens’ concern to the Cilegon citizens who need free health service especially circumcision. The program was begun by the opening speech delivered by PCL Halmahera’s neighborhood chairman, Abdul Hadi, and Cilegon RZ Branch Manager, Asep Awaludin.

After the opening speech, the participants were directed to register and wait for medical team call. To eliminate participants’ traumatic pre-circumcision, RZ volunteer gave several games and entertainments for them. The participants also obtained several gifts from the organizer such as snacks, Muslim wear, and cash money.

Salman Al-Farisi, mass circumcision coordinator, said that there were 48 boys who register but 4 of them resigned. Amrullah, a participant said that he was very happy participating in the program, “it was hurt for a little but I’m happy,” he said.

Newsroom/ Humaedi

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