WARGA TALANG AMAN DAPATKAN LAYANAN KESEHATAN GRATISPALEMBANG. Wednesday, (05/05) Rumah Zakat along with donators from Baitul Maal Semen Baturaja carried out health preparedness action in Talang Aman Hamlet, Batu kuning village, West Baturaja District. The activity is a form of care from Rumah Zakat and Baitul Maal Semen Baturaja on public health.
health preparedness action started at 02.00 – 04.00 pm. The event started with the opening by representatives from Rumah Zakat and continued with health counseling delivered by doctor Bariqil kodri about diarrhea.
After the counseling, then the patient waits for blood pressure examination and consultation of the disease to the general practitioner followed by a metabolic check such as uric acid, glucose, cholesterol as recommended by a doctor.
Not only do health checks alone, people get prescription drugs that have been given by doctors. And finally, the participants received supplementary food given to the elderly and toddlers, in the form of milk and fruit.
The number of beneficiaries of the action is 122 people. Talang Aman residents get free health care from Rumah Zakat with Baitul Maal Semen Baturaja’s Employee.

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