WARNA WARNI KEBUN GIZI GANG JATAYU KEDIRIKEDIRI. Starting from National Nutrition Day, the 25th January, Relawan Rumah Zakat (RZ), Tika, and Hana, Coordinator of the ICD Dandangan Kediri made a breakthrough to invite the citizens love and eat vegetables-fruits. They together Relawan and some citizens created a gang in the region’s small-scale Dandangan be a pretty namely Nutrition Gardens with a variety of shapes and colors mural.

“Initially we thought how to make citizens know about the program  Nutrition Gardens, idea of Cita Sehat for Rumah Zakat. Well this happened to Dandangan in the region there is a gang which is not far from the motorway and is frequently traversed the citizens. The name Gang Jatayu or Jaya And Rahayu. From there emerged an idea to change the gang from merely a way to become a Nutritionist, “said Hana told the story.

It’s located in the region of Jatayu, The name was taken from the bank’s own Services of garbage that exists in the region. Through the gang, Hannah does not only want to introduce Nutrition Gardens,  but also wants the citizens in the region Dandangan increasingly interested to consume fruit and vegetables on a regular basis. The width of the gang was becoming a challenge for Hana and other volunteers in making the Nutrition Gardens.

“The garden of nutrition done in over 2 weeks by  the team of Healthy Mind and RZ alongside locals. Machining process delayed due to rain “said Tika.

Now, the Gang Jatayu increasingly beautiful. Not only because there are vegetables and fruit, but also because it comes with a colorful picture on the wall. Themed “education wall art”, mural on the wall motif Gang Jatayu is dominated by images of vegetables and fruit.

“We have been planting cauliflower, markissa, mustard greens, papaya and Ginger.  Managed by the cadres. Fruit and vegetable here could also be picked themselves and then sold. And the money is used for buy fertilizer and compost “explained Hannah.

Now, the Gang Jatayu getting crowded. In the afternoon, the children gathered around the gang to see the pictures of fruit, vegetable and sorting the junk on the wall of the alley. Citizens not just passing by but also stopping to see the vegetables and fruit are grown. There are residents who stop just to take picture.

“Thank God, since last Sunday, many residents have already begun asking the seedling plants. Hopefully in the future, the citizens of Dandangan are increasingly interested in creating  Nutrition Garden, so they will easy to eat fruit and vegetables on a regular basis since residence pick its own gardens, “Hana said excitedly.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu


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