Almost everyone considers nightmares to be very disturbing to sleep. It’s not uncommon for us to wake up when we have a nightmare. Other delirious reactions such as screaming to wake up without realizing it also happened.


In health, it turns out that nightmares can be caused by several things, such as eating spicy and sleeping on the stomach. In a quote quoted by Glamor experts explained eating spicy foods can cause nightmares.


According to Dr. Charles Bae, MD, a doctor at the Sleep Disorders Center at the Cleveland Clinic, the United States all foods that enter the body before going to bed will affect dreams, “Eating before bedtime affects your dreams, because late night food causes an increase in your metabolism and body temperature.” He said, (10/1).


Dreaming will occur during REM (rapid eye movement) period, which occurs every 90 minutes. Generally REM occurs when you have started to fall asleep. So when our body works to digest food, there is a better chance that our sleep will be disrupted.


Charles also explained that spicy eating supports the presence of nightmares. Eating spicy foods will certainly result in increased metabolism and body temperature. When you fall asleep, digestive activity works harder.


When sleeping, the human brain and muscles are weak and must rest, not digest food. Lisa Medalie, a clinical colleague in psychiatry at the University of Chicago, advises patients to avoid heavy or spicy foods in two to three hours before going to bed to reduce dreams.

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