WATER RESCUE, MATERI MENARIK DI KAMPUS RELAWAN RZ PADANGPADANG. At (08/28) Volunteer of RZ Padang conducted Campus Volunteer activities that went exciting and interesting. Because, in the Campus Volunteer time is filled with direct practice water rescue conveyed and guided by Maswardian Putra. Bang Putra which is also a volunteer of ambulance driver RZ Padang. 18 volunteers of RZ Padang participated in the event.

Campus Volunteer activities carried out in Komplek PU Pintu Air Parupuk Tabing, Padang started from from 03:00 to 06:00 pm. Bang Son said that in carrying first aid, first a volunteer must know how the condition of the victim and the necessary equipment. Apart from that, volunteers also need to know the dangers that come from the human such panic, spasms / cramps, and fatigue.

At the time of relief to the man / person, usually people will panic to try to save him, it can cause harm to the victim and helper, so rescuers should be able and know how technical rescue techniques such as defend technique as blocking with feet, hands, and lift the elbows, While the form of release technique such grip hand 1 and 2. At the location of all the participants practice first aid to the victim and techniques bring the victim in the water.

“Remarkably, this is the agenda that is eagerly awaited. The activity went smoothly, the material is remarkable because it is an application of the theory. Hopefully in the future campus volunteer activities conducted better, so the volunteers more excited again to participate in this event “said Aprishindy Putri Oliyan. The same thing also delivered by Afrinaldi Oscar, volunteers of RZ Padang who is always excited in a variety of RZ and volunteer activities.


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