WILAYAH BINAAN KEBONBARU CIREBON PANEN SAMPAH LAGICIREBON. Rumah Zakat is rolling out a waste alert program in cooperation with Cita Sehat as a partner of Rumah Zakat in health sector. The waste alert program invites the community to provide plastic waste and recyclable waste to collect. Once collected, the waste will be sold and the proceeds from the sale will be used for metabolic health inspection fees for local residents.

One of the target areas that rolled the program is Kebon Baru, Cirebon held on Thursday (05/11). Rumah Zakat asisted area again harvested garbage. The harvest this time managed to collect as much as 30 kg of garbage.

“For waste management is done by the cadres, then afterwards the money from the Garbage Sampah collected by Cita Sehat for health service for the residents. So the garbage we collect is converted into health services, “Lisa said, Public Health Rumah Zakat Cirebon.

In addition to waste harvest, this time also carried out health checks for residents who become members of trash charity. Medical examination performed in the form of body metabolic checks. Lisa said that this health check is done every three months as a feedback for residents.

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