SUBANG. (13/05) Graduation of 22 students from SMK Juara MTT Subang took place with solemn and festive. This graduation ceremony was held simultaneously with the Kreasi Juara performing art and also the graduation students of Quran recitation as many as 30 students who have been through the program of acceleration of memorizing Al Quran.

Present in the graduation ceremony is PLT. Regent of Subang Bpk. H. Ating Rusnatim, SE., Bpk. Ivan Supangat as head of education field of Rumah Zakat, Bpk. Yayan Somantri as the Board of Trustees of Rumah Zakat, Bpk. Hadi Mulyono as Chairman of West Java Regional MTT, Head of Kasomalang Sub-district, H. Mei Nuryatna as Supervisor of Vocational High School of Animal Husbandry, and all school principals in Kab. Subang.

In his opening speech, PLT Regent of Subang Bpk. H. Ating Rusnatim, SE, gave appreciation to Rumah Zakat and Telkomsel Taklim Assembly which has established SMK Juara MTT Subang, an educational institution that combines Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence, an integrative educational concept because SMK is a school that prepares its graduation to be ready to work with the provision of softskil and hardskill that it has given the ability of graduates to have competitiveness at the level of the Regency, even the National.

“Congratulations and success to graduation class XII and Graduation Tahfid Qur’an hopefully with the achievement is able to contribute to the community” said Bpk. H. Ating Rusnatim, SE at the end of his speech.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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