JAKARTA. World Diabetes Day (WHD) is commemorated every November 14 of each year, this year the theme of WHD is “Women and Diabetes: Our right to healthy future” because the number of women affected by diabetes compared with men.

In connection with this, Rumah Zakat held a World Diabetes Day memorial on (14/11) in Rw 01 Kel. Petogogan Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This activity aims to prevent and detect early risks of diabetes mellitus, increase knowledge about diabetes mellitus, control blood sugar and increase the quality of life of people with diabetes mellitus in elderly.

Activity begins by singing gymnastics, poster division, pocket book and Diabetes leaflet, education about diabetes, health check and PMT (Supplementary Feeding). The activities held very attractive and interactive. Many participants ask about the diabetes, myths and facts that occur in society and the right actions to take.

In RW 01 it was found that fewer than 5 people had already been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and had run medication. Some others are pre diabetes and the rest have a blood sugar condition in the normal category.

As for someone said to have diabetes if fasting blood sugar (GDP)> 126mg / dL, and for Blood Sugar When (GDS)> 200mg / dL. While a person is categorized pre diabetes is if the blood sugar exceeds the normal rate but not sufficiently said to suffer from diabetes. Categorize if Fasting Blood Sugar (GDP) 100 – 125 mg / dL and Blood Sugar At 140 – 199 mg / dL.

It is expected that the elderly can continue to consistently check their health in order to control blood sugar levels so as to have excellent quality of life.

According to one beneficiary, “Alhamdulillah the event is very good and add our knowledge here. I suggest that Rumah Zakat continue to give health counseling to us all, Thanks Rumah Zakat.” said Pak Sholeh, the chairman of FKLU Kel. Petogogan.


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