WUJUDKAN PELAJAR SIAGA BENCANA, RELAWAN RZ GANDENG DINAS TERKAIT BERIKAN PELATIHANBANDUNG. Volunteers of RZ Bandung and Cimahi practiced disaster response capabilities in the Campus volunteers program and the volunteer invited SMP Juara Bandung students to learn about fire disaster handling.

Campus Volunteers this time held in Bandung and at the same with the conduction of Student alert to disaster (PSB). In Campus volunteers this time the material is given by the Department of Prevention and Fire Fighting Bandung explain the material on fire, the elements of the fire triangle (heat, O2, and Materials), while the spread of fire, and ways of handling a variety of tools such as fire extinguishers and using water or using fire trucks Fire.

The first learning material conveyed in the classroom, volunteers and students looked very enthusiastic and gave full attention to the material on fire. Then the activity continued to the practice to extinguish the fire where there is fire simulations made by fire fighter officers and practiced by volunteers on how to extinguish the fire completely.

“I’m very proud that there is the concern of the citizens who are ready to practice in the prevention of fires, and it really helped us so that when fires disaster strikes when the public has been educated it will reduce the number of casualties.” Said Mr. Henry, as Officer of prevention and Fire Fighting Bandung, (08/27).

Campus Volunteers is aimed to provide education about standby response to fire disaster to volunteer and student considering that urban areas have huge potential for the occurrence of the accident.

Newsroom/Arif Nurcholis

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