Cooperation between RZ and Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) managed to bring benefits to the community through PGN Healthy Car program. In connection with this on Wednesday (10/26) Healthy Car PGN handed over to RT 07 RW 04 Sriminosari village, Labuhan Maringgai subdistrict , East Lampung regency.

In Lampung PGN assisted village program has been running for approximately one year, therefore it is time for the program submitted to each cadre (residents), because basically this program aims to make people become productive and self-reliant, besides that on the occasion rewards also given to the best cadres.

The handover PGN Healthy Car assisted village program started from 08.00 until 12.00 am in the presence of Trash Bank cadres, nutrient garden cadres, and posyandu cadres. Besides that this event also attended by several invited guests including the village head Sriminosari Mr. Achmad Djamhari, from district Labuhan Maringgai represented by Village Head’ssecretary Mr. Cen Suatman, from the police Labuhan Maringgai represented by Babinkamtibmas village Sriminosari, from Posyandu Labuhan Maringgai represented by midwives Deka, and from RZ attended by branch Manager Lampung Mr.Yan Yan Budiman and Mrs Ima, from PGN attended by Mr. Ari Beni Santoso as the network coordinator, Novi Firmansyah Koswara as site manager Labuhan Maringgai facilities, and as a coordinator Ridwan PGN Lampung area.

” Alhamdulilah the program went smoothly from March to October and everything is avaliable in Sriminosari village and development for Sriminosari village.” Said Ari pak Beni Santoso as coordinator of the network.

The village head Sriminosari also conveyed about the follow-up of this program, “After this event, there will be BUMDes and eventually waste banks will be in synergy directly with BUMDes, and from PGN to continue activities such as CSR, and thank God from PGN already help mineral bottled businesses for the Sriminosari village. “said Achmad Djamhari.

The event closed with a visit to Nutrient garden and Trash Bank and then continued with lunch

Newsroom/Eko Setiaji

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