Zakah Income is zakah issued from professional income when it reaches nisab.

According to Yusuf Qorodhowi, it is highly recommended to calculate zakat from gross income, to be more prudent.

Nisab in the ratio of 5 wasaq / 652.8 kg of grain equivalent to 520 kg rice. The amount of professional zakah is 2.5%.

There are 2 rules in calculating professional zakah.

  1. Calculating from gross income: The amount of zakah issued = total income (overall) x 2.5%
  2. Calculating from net income
    • Obligatory income zakah = Total income – Monthly expenses*
    • Amount of zakah that must be paid = obligatory income of zakah x 2.5%


* Expenditures per month are expenses for primary needs (clothing, food, housing)

* Monthly expenses include: Personal expenses, wife, 3 children, parents, and Home Installments. If she is a wife, then her personal needs are 3 children, and mortgage payments are not included in monthly expenses.

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