ZIS LINTAS ARTA BERSAMA RZ LAUNCHING PEMBERDAYAAN DESA DI LEBAK BANTENBANTEN.Took place in Mekarmanik village Bojongmanik subdistrict, Lebak, Banten, 20 beneficiaries participated in the village empowerment program formed by the cooperation between ZIS Lintas Arta and RZ.

The cooperation that started since April 2016 provides assistance in the form of venture capital, infrastructure, training and coaching.

Inspiring volunteer Volunteer and chairman of the empowerment programs, Aliyudin in his speech thank ZIS Rohis lintas arta for the help to citizens and he expect that there will be business assistance for their chips business and woven business so that it can continue to grow and eventually have income and no longer be burden.

“I hope woven and chips business can be developed and have an income and not be a burden. Let us develop this business, who else if not us, “said Aliyudin while giving a speech in Lebak, Banten (08/30).

Going forward, Aliyudin will continue to innovate in accordance with market demand so woven and chips business can be accepted by the public.

Taufiqurrahman as Chief Executive of the Section of Collection ZIS Rohis Lintas Arta hopes that the program is channeled through RZ someday can provide benefits, especially villagers here and pep the spirit of employees to pay zakah and sadaqah.

“Hopefully what is channeled could raise the living standards of the people in this village, I would like to thank to Mr. Ali hopefully with the results, we can add the spirit of charity,” He said.

The event was followed by a question and answer session between the ZIS Lintas Arta then closed with the cutting cone and gathering.

“I am grateful to this program, we can be together and move forward together.” Concluded Sanah, chairman of chips business group


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