ZIS LINTAS ARTA KEMBALI CAIRKAN BEASISWA JUARAJAKARTA. ZIS Rohis Lintasarta with Rumah Zakat distributed Beasiswa Juara on (05/03). This activities was carried out in several locations such as Gambir, Pulogadung, Tanah Abang, Kebun Jeruk, Duren Sawit, Pasar Senin and Johar Baru.

This time there were 29 students who receive Beasiswa Juara thet consists of 12 elementary, school students, 7 junior high school student, 7 senior high school students and 3 university students. Aside from getting a scholarship fund, the beneficiaries also receive guidance. Guidance given was about memorizing Qur’an QS An Naziat and QS Ibrahim verse 1 to 5 and also short prayers.

The students looked very happy to join this activity. They pray for the Lintasarta donors to always given blessing and health by Allah SWT.

“Thanks for the scholarship. Alhamdulillah my mom’s burden become lighter.” Stated one of child to Rumah Zakat Mentor.


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