By: Bukhari Yusuf

In the Quran surah al-A’raf [7] verses 97-99, Allah gives a warning as well as a threat to humans, namely by the insecurity of Allah’s treason and testing.

Because Allah’s test and treason can come in situations that are not predictable, it might come in times of rest and enthusiasm, at times of immorality and obedience, as well as at day and night.

Feeling safe from Allah’s treason can be the start of the disaster. When someone already feels himself in a safe zone, often it is the main cause of a decrease in determination and fighting spirit, a decrease in the quantity and quality of worship, a decrease in the spirit of preaching, and a decrease in sensitivity to keep away from things that are prohibited by religion.

Rasulullah SAW said, “Two delights in which many people are deceived: health and leisure.” (HR al-Tirmidhi).

Therefore, a believer should have a cautious and alert nature in every condition and circumstance. In fact, when it is in distress and obedience though. This is what distinguishes him from the others.

Al-Hasan al-Basri said, “A believer carries out obedience in a state of fear and anxiety, while a Fair commits immorality in a condition of feeling safe.”

A believer — despite having performed various charitable deeds and obedience- still not satisfied with his deeds, does not feel safe, and does not feel worthy to immediately get paradise with a variety of pleasures.

Because there is no guarantee of his charity being received, there is no guarantee of surviving the devil’s temptation, there is no guarantee he is free from sin and wrong, there is no guarantee Husnul Khatimah, and there is no guarantee that he will be saved from torture. What is expected is only mercy, forgiveness, and help from Allah accompanied with all the best possible charity. That is the fruit and result of a long and continuous process of tarbiyah and formation. Tarbiyah educates a Muslim to always be between khauf (fear) and king` (hope).

On the other hand, he feels afraid of the treason and torture of God so as to avoid immorality and the slightest sin, but on the other hand he also really hopes to His grace and extensive gifts so that they never despair of repenting and asking forgiveness.

This is the balance that will be the key to the success of life in the world and the hereafter.

It is marked by an attitude of continuous improvement accompanied by a readiness to receive advice, input, and good advice from other people. Whereas if you continue to wallow in neglect without wanting to improve yourself, or are always busy carrying out criticism and criticism so that forgetting your own disgrace and disability means enjoying a comforting comfort zone.

“So, do the inhabitants of that country feel safe from the arrival of our torment to them at night? the day when they are sleeping? Or, do the inhabitants of the land feel safe from the coming of our torment to them at duha when they are playing? So do they feel safe from God’s treason? No one feels safe from God’s plot except people losers. ” (Surah al-A’raf [7]: 97-99).

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