Apa sajakah buah-buahan yang disebutkan dalam Al Quran? Yap, salah satunya adalah pisang, Allah menyebutkan pisang adalah salah satu buah para penghuni surga.

“Dan golongan kanan, Alangkah bahagianya golongan kanan itu. Berada di antara pohon bidara yang tak berduri, dan pohon pisang yang bersusun-susun (buahnya)” (QS. Al-Waqiah 56:27-29)

Buah tropis yang banyak terdapat di Indonesia ini memang terbilang murah. Namun jangan salah, meski murah dan mudah didapat, pisang kaya manfaat. Ia mengandung kalium, tiga jenis gula alami – sukrosa, fruktosa, dan glukosa- yang dikombinasikan dengan serat.

Dibandingkan apel, pisang memiliki empat kali protein, dua kali karbohidrat, tiga kali fosfor, lima kali vitamin A dan zat besi, dan mineral lainnya yang sangat dibutuhkan tubuh sebagai sumber energi.

Menurut penelitian, mengonsumsi 2 buah pisang membantu mendukung energi yang cukup untuk latihan berat selama 90 menit. Tak heran, pisang menjadi makanan wajib para atlet. Tetapi bukan hanya energi yang dapat dihasilkan oleh pisang, pisang juga membantu mengatasi sejumlah masalah kesehatan lain.


Berdasarkan survei yang dilakukan di antara pasien penderita depresi, banyak yang merasa lebih baik setelah memakan pisang. Hal ini terjadi karena pisang mengandung trytophan, sejenis protein yang diubah tubuh menjadi serotonin, yang dapat membantu rileks dan memperbaiki mood lebih baik dan membuat seseorang bahagia.


Tingginya zat besi pada pisang dapat merangsang produksi hemoglobin dalam darah dan membantu mengatasi anemia. Kalium yang ada pada pisang sangat tinggi namun rendah garam, sehingga sempurna untuk mengalahkan tekanan darah. US Food and Drug Administration baru saja mengizinkan perkebunan pisang untuk melakukan klaim resmi mengenai kemampuan buah ini untuk menurunkan tekanan darah dan risiko stroke.

3.Meningkatkan daya otak

Penelitian menunjukkan bahwa buah dengan kandungan kalium tinggi dapat membantu meningkatkan fungsi otak. Konsumsi pisang saat sarapan, istirahat, dan makan siang membantu meningkatkan kekuatan otak, terutama pada anak-anak.


Kandungan serat yang tinggi pada pisang dapat membantu menormalkan kembali pencernaan. Pisang baik untuk merawat pencernaan karena teksturnya yang lembut. Pisang juga satu-satunya buah mentah yang dapat dimakan tanpa mengganggu sistem pencernaan dan mampu menetralisir kelebihan zat asam dan mengurangi iritasi dengan melapisi bagian dalam perut.


Jika Anda merasa mual karena mabuk, buatlah milkshake campuran pisang, madu, dan susu. Buah pisang mampu meredakan perut mual ditambah madu yang dapat meredakan kadar gula. Sedangkan susu akan menenangkan dan memperbaiki kadar cairan dalam tubuh.

6.Morning sickness

Ngemil pisang di antara waktu makan membantu menjaga kadar gula darah dan menjauhkan ibu hamil dari morning sickness.

7.Gigitan nyamuk

Gosokkan bagian dalam kulit pisang ke area yang sering dihinggapi nyamuk. Banyak ditemukan orang yang sukses mengurangi pembengkakan dan iritasi.

Pisang mengandung vitamin B yang membantu menenangkan sistem saraf kita. Penelitian di Institute of Psychology Austria menemukan bahwa tekanan pada saat kerja menyebabkan orang sering memilih menyantap cokelat atau keripik, yang justru dapat menyebabkan munculnya penyakit. Lebih baik konsumsi cemilan pisang atau buah-buahan lain yang mengandung vitamin dan tidak menyebabkan penyakit.

Merawat kesehatan tubuh lebih baik kita lakukan dari dini sebelum penyakit mengahampiri keluarga kita. Dan ternyata, caranya sangat murah, yaitu cukup dengan menyediakan pisang setiap hari untuk cemilan sehat seluruh keluarga.


Bananas are one of nature’s great snack foods, but did you know just how good for you they are and how many different and unusual uses they can have? Ahead are 10 banana health benefits for more energy, better health and even improving the way you look and feel.

1. Potassium

Bananas are among the most convenient food sources of potassium. This mineral is essential for maintaining proper heart function and regulating normal blood pressure.

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of potassium rich foods like bananas in lowering high blood pressure.
So much so that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows the banana industry to make official claims (much like they would a pharmaceutical drug) of their ability to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

Further research by the New England Journal of Medicine suggests eating bananas regularly in your diet can cut your risk of having a stroke by up to 40%.

The potassium in bananas is also beneficial for your kidneys and bones. A good potassium intake suppresses calcium excretion in the urine that can lead to painful kidney stones.

This suppression of calcium loss also reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis and brittle bones. A banana or two a day can have some serious health benefits.

2. More Energy

Even with the proliferation of brightly colored ‘sports’ drinks, ‘energy’ bars and ‘electrolyte’ gels (these are loaded with unhealthy chemicals and coloring by the way) you often see athletes eating bananas just before and even during sports.

Watching tennis for instance, it’s not uncommon to see the players snacking on a bit of banana in between games. If a banana can keep a professional tennis player going, it’s got to rank pretty well in the high-quality energy source stakes.

Personally, I find the combination of natural sugars, balanced with the soluble fiber and potassium, to provide a good stable energy when eaten half an hour before gym or a run.

I’ve experimented with this – running or weights with, or without a banana – and seem to consistently do better when I have one before training.

Some people are worried about bananas spiking blood sugar, but tests show they actually have a glycemic index of around 52, with 24 g of available carbs (lower the less ripe they are).

That’s a glycemic load in the vicinity of 12 which isn’t considered that high. These figures will obviously vary depending on variety and ripeness.

Bananas make a great snack at work when your energy is lagging and while they might not be the most obvious weight loss food, they are only about 100 calories and can satisfy those sweet cravings.

So if you can replace candy bars and other junk foods with bananas, you might just have a really important step towards losing weight. As an added bonus your energy will be much more steady and consistent.

3. Helps Digestion

Bananas are a great source of dietary fiber that most of us don’t get nearly enough of. Fiber helps the food you eat move smoothly through the digestive tract and improves elimination.

A couple of bananas may be a healthier choice than laxatives to treat occasional constipation.

Turning to another important element of digestion, bananas are rich in fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS for short thankfully). FOS is known as a prebiotic since it feeds the important friendly bacteria in the digestive tract that help us absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Bananas are also known to help relieve the symptoms of heartburn. So once again, try reaching for the natural cure with banana rather than antacids (though if this page gets shared around too much the makers of Metamucil and Mylanta and not going to be happy!).

4. Good for Ulcers

Eating bananas regularly may help protect against stomach ulcers. Compounds in bananas seem to create a thicker protective barrier in the stomach against hydrochloric acid.

Bananas also contain protease inhibitors that work to eliminate certain bacteria in the stomach implicated as a major cause of stomach ulcers.

5. High in Vitamin B6

Bananas are particularly high in vitamin B6. This vitamin is important for creating hemoglobin for healthy blood.
B6 is also involved in maintaining proper blood sugar levels, synthesizing and breaking down amino acids and producing antibodies for a stronger immune response in your body.

Just one banana has a full fifth of your recommended daily intake of vitamin B6. And they taste much better than vitamin pills too!

6. Vitamins and Minerals

Alongside the high levels of potassium and vitamin B6 already mentioned, bananas also have good levels of vitamin C, magnesium and manganese.

They are also a source of most of the other B vitamins and smaller amounts of trace minerals like iodine, iron, selenium and zinc.

7. Skin Conditions

Even the skins of this amazing fruit have their uses. Banana skins have been used externally to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and acne.

The freshly peeled inside of the banana skin is gently rubbed over the affected area and the residue left on. This might be better done on a day indoors or before bed to avoid the banana smell when out and about.

Note too that in the case of psoriasis there apparently may be some further reddening initially, but this should improve after a few days of use. Patch test on a small area first if you have any concerns. It also usually take several weeks to get the full effects from this treatment.

Banana peel treatments are even used to heal warts. You rub a small piece of banana peel over the wart and then tightly tape it there overnight for at least a week, possibly several, changing it to a new one each night.

People in online forums have reported good results with these simple treatments, though results with natural cures can be varied. I’d be really interested to hear from anyone who’s tried any of them for themselves.

8. A Cancer Fighter?

Recent Japanese animal research linked bananas that are fully ripe (with the dark spots) to production of a compound called tumor necrosis factor (TNF–a). This compound is a cytokine which is believed to have the potential to increase white blood cell count, thus enhancing your immunity and combating cancerous cell changes.

Personally, I don’t put too much stock in animal studies. Regardless, increasing overall fruit consumption in your diet has been consistently linked to a lower risk of developing various cancers.

9. Improving your Mood and Reducing Stress

Bananas are a good source of the amino acid tryptophan which your body converts to serotonin.

Amongst many other things, proper serotonin levels help improve your mood, reduce stress and enhance your general outlook and happiness levels. It also helps regulate good sleep patterns.

Tryptophan is considered an essential amino acid because the only way your body gets it is through your diet. Bananas, while certainly not the highest source out there, are one of the easiest ways to get a little more tryptophan. Another reason why bananas make such a great snack for those stressed out at work.

10. A Hangover Cure

Bananas are a great hangover food for mornings when you’ve overdone it a bit the night before. A couple of bananas in a blender with ice, some berries and coconut milk or organic cow’s or goat’s milk makes a really good recovery drink.

Just about all the other health benefits already discussed come into play here. Of course the better solution is not to drink so much the night before. But just in case, it’s good to have some bananas around for the next morning.

As I tend to get mine in bulk and don’t always finish them before they get too ripe, I like to chop up any excess ones on their last legs and put them in a container in the freezer. These are great to drop straight from the freezer into the blender instead of ice cubes for brilliant creamy smoothies.


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