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If you think detox will provide health enhancement then do not forget the mental health. Many studies show how mobile use affects mental health such as strengthening feelings of anxiety and depression.

If you have not been able to reduce the use of mobile phones, maybe these five suggestions can help you rest and avoid addiction.

Schedule time to avoid phone addiction

Professor of preventive medicine, psychology, and social work at the University of Southern California (USC) Steven Sussman suggests setting schedules when you are allowed to use certain websites or applications. Can also limit mobile phone check every 15 minutes, then every 30 minutes once and so on.

Turn off notifications

San Francisco University Health Education Professor Erik Peper advises to turn off notifications so that it focuses on day-to-day tasks rather than being distracted by your phone.

Do not use the phone while eating

A person who is in Minor Holistic Health, Sierra Hinkle has a trick of avoiding the use of cell phones when eating. To add to the excitement you can put your phone and friends in the middle of the table, someone who touches the phone first, he who buys drinks.

“We have to be creative and approach technology in a different way,” Hinkle said, as quoted by The Malay Mail Online, Sunday (4/22).

Get out of social media

Student Khari McKendell tries to reduce phone usage by closing her social media account. The less social media accounts, the less likely you are to continue using the phone.

“I still call and send messages to others, but I want to make sure most of the time I speak directly,” McKendell said.

Charge your phone in another room

If you are really struggling to limit your use of mobile during the day, Albright suggests a small way to avoid addiction. The trick is simple enough to charge the phone in another room at night.

“This is a way to reconnect body, mind and self, and not in a depressed state,” says Albrigth.


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