Animal protein is one component of food diversity that humans need for nutritional balance. The availability of good nutrition will affect the intelligence, health and productivity of a nation.
However, the level of meat consumption in Indonesia is still low, namely 11.6 kilograms per capita per year. Meanwhile, the ideal figure for meat consumption is 34.19 kilograms per capita per year.


Superqurban (n.)

Optimizing qurban meat which is processed into food reserves from animal protein for people in Indonesia and the world.

Superqurban is one of Rumah Zakat’s innovative products in the program to optimize the implementation of the Qurban service by processing and packaging Qurban meat into corned beef and rendang. Superqurban products are able to answer the problem of distributing Qurban meat to remote and frontier areas in the archipelago.

Corned beef that lasts up to 3 years and rendang Qurban which lasts 2 years, can be distributed throughout the year, and are effective for nutrition and Aqidah development. So that Rumah Zakat won many awards from the Superqurban program as an innovative product to optimize the meat for Qurban animals.

Superqurban as a product rich in benefits has been felt by our brothers and sisters in Eastern Indonesia, such as Tello Island, Kayuwadi Island, Alor Island, Rote Island, Sabu Island, Sumba Island, Komodo Island, Buton Island, Obi Island and Raja Ampat Island which disseminated through the Bhakti Kesra Nusantara Expedition program with the Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare (Kemenko Kesra) in June 2013 and 2014.

In addition, in 2016 in the Bhakti PMK expedition, Rumah Zakat also distributed 30,000 Superqurban corned beef on Bajo Island, Wetar Island, Matakus Island, and Kaimana Island. This is the sixth time that Rumah Zakat has been entrusted by the Ministry of Human Development and Culture to participate in the PMK Bhakti Expedition.

In addition to these 4 islands, Rumah Zakat also distributes Superqurban corned beef in food alert activities in the Superqurban Expedition program which reaches remote and drought-prone areas, namely Mrico, Lebak Village, Grobogan District, Grobogan Regency, Central Java.

Still in the same year Rumah Zakat together with the Army and Kopassus managed to distribute 8000 Superqurban in 8 regions in the 2016 NKRI West Papua Expedition. In 2017, the benefits of Superqurban were increasingly felt from year to year.

His enjoyment is even more pronounced when beneficiaries experience the benefits of nutrition directly contained in Superqurban corned beef, one of which is Wulan, a child from Sukomoyo Village, Jatimulyo Village, Kulonprogo who had experienced malnutrition, but Alhamdulillah thanks to the help of Superqurban corned beef, Wulan’s weight is now stable. .

Not only that, in 2019 Superqurban was here and became food for earthquake sufferers in Palu, Lombok, Donggala, residents affected by the tsunami disaster in the Sunda Strait, floods in Konawe, Banjarmasin to Bandar Lampung also received benefits from this superqurban. Superqurban is the right solution that can be useful as food reserves in times of emergency. This superqurban has complemented the lack of food reserves in the affected areas.


Why should Superqurban?


Sharia compliant

Fatwa of the Indonesian Ulema Council Number 37 of 2019 which allows the saving of some sacrificial meat that has been processed and preserved for a certain time for utilization and distribution to those who are more in need.
The right choice for qurban during the Covid-19 pandemic without presenting a crowd,
A careful way to help people affected by Covid -19 by providing nutritious food reserves
Making qurban is at the same time empowering because the sacrificial animals come from local breeders


Superqurban Participation Price

Salamah bin Al-Akwa said: The Prophet SAW said, “If you slaughter a qurban, there should not be anything left after three days in his house, even if a little.” The following year people asked: “O Messenger of Allah, do we have to act like last year?” The Prophet SAW replied, “Eat and give to people and save the rest. Actually, last year many people were suffering from deprivation due to famine, so I want you to help them ”[Narrated by Bukhari No.569, Muslim No. 1974].