Brand Story RZ Rumah Zakat invites donators, partners, government, media, and society in general to increasingly share. Share becomes one real action, in order to help others in need and reach wider region. Therefore, in 2016, Rumah Zakat carries Sharing Happiness campaign with the tagline Berbuat Nyata Berbagi Bahagia (Take action sahre happiness).

Sharing Happiness is a campaign and movement of sharing through improvement of community social condition wherever RZ located. The commitment and sharing movement are summarized into three main values, through the facilities of the ease of sharing, orientation happiness of all stakeholders, to jointly realize the improvement of social conditions in Indonesia and even foreign countries.

Facilitate various conveniences to improve spirit and commitment to share

Prioritize stakeholder happiness on all business process

Social Progress
Working to provide a contribution to development index through various empowerment programs

To support the movement of Sharing Happiness, in 2015 ago RZ launched a crowd funding website that provides convenience to the community in sharing. on the crowd funding website prospective donators can choose the program that they wants to help and donate directly.
Hopefully with a range of ease of sharing facilities that RZ presents, it will encourage a higher spirit to share for Indonesia happier.