Brand Story RZ Rumah Zakat is a philanthropy institution that manages zakat, infaq, charity, and other social funds through programs community empowerment.

The empowerment program is realized
through four main clusters namely:

Senyum Juara (education)
• Senyum Sehat (health)
• Senyum Mandiri (economy)
• Senyum Lestari (environment)

In addition, Rumah Zakat is also a philanthropic institution that cares for humanity.


#SayaBerdaya is an effort of Rumah Zakat to make a movement to optimize Zakat, Infaq, Alms, and Waqf funds through the Desa Berdaya (Empowered Village) program.

Desa Berdaya or Empowered Village is a way for us to empower Indonesia who is integrated into rural areas based on mapping local potentials in the fields of Economy, Environment, Health, Education and Disaster Preparedness. We believe that each village region has its own unique potential and community development needs.