About usBased on the spirit to be the best NGO in channeling happiness between donators and beneficiaries, Rumah Zakat is committed not only to be trusted, progressive and professional institution but also to collaborate with various parties to create the empowerment of Indonesian society. Alhamdulillah this time Rumah Zakat become one of LAZNAS (National Amil Zakah Institution) which is most trusted by society.

The growth of Rumah Zakat as a trusted LAZNAS is inseparable from its long history which originated from a study group Majlis Taklim Ummul Quro agreed to form a social institution concerned on humanitarian aid. July 2, 1998 formed an organization called Dompet Sosial Ummul Quro (DSUQ).

DSUQ transformation is very dynamic from year to year, the first transformation is becoming Rumah Zakat Indonesia DSUQ marked with the statement of Minister of Religious Affairs RI No. 157 on 18 March 2003 certifying this organization as the National Amil Zakah Institution.

In 2004 RUMAH ZAKAT INDONESIA DSUQ re-transformed under the name of Rumah Zakat Indonesia, The new history of Transformation from Traditional Corporate to Professional Corporate starts. Better management makes Rumah Zakat Indonesia get several awards: # 2 LAZNAS Best in ISR Award (Islamic Social Responsibility Award 2009), The Best Organization in Zakat Development by IMZ (Indonesia Magnificence of Zakat).

Furthermore, the third transformation took place on April 5, 2010, RUMAH ZAKAT was inaugurated to replace the previous brand of RUMAH ZAKAT INDONESIA. By bringing together three new brand values: Trusted, Progressive and Humanitarian, this organization sharpens the character to the “World Class Socio-Religious Non Governance Organization (NGO)”.

Rumah Zakat also succeeded in obtaining ISO 9001: 2008 for the category of Provision of Distribution of Zakat Services in September 2012. This success is a driver of management to further improve the professionalism in the implementation of its programs.

With the spirit of innovating, in September 2013 Rumah Zakat re-transform itself into RZ. This change not only happens to the logo that will be applied to various devices, but also in the working culture of the amil in order to move faster, agile, but produces great work in the effort of empowerment.

RZ as a partner in sharing seeks to bridge every synergy is done in a fun way to become a more meaningful new lifestyle. In 2014, Mandiri Nutrition Garden under the auspices of RZ achieved the 2013 MDG Award (IMA) for nutrition category.

Top of Mind Zakat Management 2014 Award in Indonesia Middle-Class Brand Forum (IMBF) III held by SWA Magazine and Center for Middle Class Consumer Studies (CMCS) was achieved. Not only that RZ also got Mitra Bakti Kesra Utama award 2014 from the Ministry of Coordination of People’s Welfare of the Republic of Indonesia. This award is given because RZ has become the only NGO in Bhakesra Expedition activities that consistently participate each year.

Strengthening the character of the World Class Socio-Religious Non Governance Organization, RZ and NGOs from various countries in the world on 30-31 August 2016, helped formulate the reconstruction of Gaza through the Conference of International Public Foundation to Aid Gaza, in Turkey. Donations from donators to Palestine have also been channeled to the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon by RZ volunteers. In the same year RZ was awarded as # 1 Champion Indonesia Original Brand 2016 in the awards of SWA magazine, it is a recognition as a leading local brand in Indonesia which became the main choice of consumers and has mastered the market in Indonesia.

In 2017 Rumah Zakat is transformed into an Entrepreneurial institution in order to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of donators and beneficiaries of zakah funds. This transformation is merging the process of rebranding and mindset of transformation, where one of its output provides more services to the public whether it is muzzaki (donator), beneficiaries, as well as to Amil Rumah Zakat.

Rumah Zakat also fixes 22 touch point management that come into contact with the public starting from pre-interaction, zakat consultation, prayer to report submission.

Inovation continue to be done, one of them through crowdfunding platform sharinghappiness.org which is collaboration medium between Rumah Zakat and the community. Through the sharinghappiness.org website, people can share ideas as well as channel aid to various categories of programs such as assistance to orphans and the poor, infrastructure development or humanitarian programs such as disaster-caring actions.

Empowered Village which was originally Integrated Community Development area is one of the excellent programs of Rumah Zakat which optimize zakat, infaq and charity fund and humanitarian fund from donators to build village through education, economy, health and environment program.

Rumah Zakat is actively collecting donators through digital channels to optimize digital technology as a primary means to attract new donators and serve existing donators, and collaborate with other parties.

In July 2017 Rumah Zakat again ranked first in Indonesia Original Brand survey by SWA magazine. This further proves that Rumah Zakat increasingly is trusted by the public to continue to spread happiness for the people.