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Abu Syauqi, one of the Bandung’s Islamic young preacher figures, along with his several colleagues in Majlis Taklim Ummul Quro agreed to establish a social institution which concerns with humanity services. Based on the idea, it was established an organization named Dompet Sosial Ummul Quro (DSUQ) which is located in Turangga Street no. 33 Bandung on July 2, 1998.


The widespread of the community support has encouraged the organization toward the better management. The secretariat office moved to Dederuk Street no. 30 Bandung and it was near to the Islamic education forum in Al-Manaar. For a year, in 1998-1999, the organization had achieved the donations for 0.8 billion rupiah.


Public interest toward the humanity organization has increased. People believed that it was important to continue the social mission in broader range. At that time, there were formed some social programs such as education scholarship programs for orphans and unfortunate, health services, and the rehabilitation of the underprivilegedurban. The expansion of the organization was started by the opening of new branch office in Yogyakarta on May, 2000 at Veteran Street no. 9. Bandung branch office was moved to the old office in Turangga Street no. 33 Bandung. 2,1 billion rupiah donations were collected for a year.


On February, 2001 DSUQ established a new branch office which is located in Ekor Kuning Street Rawamangun, East Jakarta. 2,19 billion donations were collected.


The identity of DSUQ as Amil Zakat Organization was enhanced.  Jakarta branch office was moved to Taruna Street no. 43 Pulogadung. The receipt donations increased up to 4,19 billion rupiah.


DSUQ changed its name to Rumah Zakat Indonesia along with the endorsement of the Minister of Religious Affairs Decree no. 157 on March 18, 2003 which certifies this organization as National Amil Zakat Organization. Rumah Zakat Indonesia DSUQ also was existed in the Capital of East Java, Surabaya on May, 2003. The receipt donations continued to increase up to 6,46 billion rupiah.


Tangerang branch office was established on 2004. Rumah Zakat Indonesia DSUQ expanded its network to Sumatra by establishing new branch offices in Pekanbaru and Riau. Information technology system was started to be developed for improving the quality of care. Most of all the branches are integrated by online. Rumah Zakat Indonesia DSUQ reinforced its institution brand by changing its name to Rumah Zakat Indonesia. Rumah Zakat’s new homepage address (www.rumahzakat.org) was launched to replace the previous homepage (www.rumahzakat.net). Public’s trust has increased, the donations were collected up to 8,92 billion rupiah.


The growth of new branch offices has increased significantly. Aceh tsunami which occurred on December 26, 2004 has facilitated Rumah Zakat to expand its access in Sumatra. New branch offices have been established in Sumatra such as Aceh, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Batam branch office. In addition to Sumatra, Rumah Zakat also expanded its network by establishing new branch office in Semarang and some new assistant branch offices in Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, South Jakarta, Cirebon, and Solo. Moreover, Palembang branch office expanded its network by establishing new assistant branch offices in Duri and Dumai. The institution’s information systems were integrated by online such as online transaction, online attendance, and online financial reports. The donations increased significantly especially for post-Aceh tsunami rehabilitation program, the donations were collected up to 45,26 billion rupiah.


Abu Syauqi handed the peak of leadership of Rumah Zakat to Virda Dimas Ekaputra. The transformation of the organization from traditional corporate to professional corporate has begun. Rumah Zakat launched “When Zakat Being Lifestyle” campaign and Gelar Budaya Zakat (GBZ) Menuju Indonesia Sadar Zakat 2008 program to encourage public’s awareness toward zakat in 6 different cities. The donations were collected up to 29,52 billion rupiah.


The development of programs was increasingly enhanced. For instance, the term of Department Empowering changed into Directorate Program. The implementation of Rumah Zakat’s programs also were started to be focused on four main programs namely, Educare, Ecocare, Healthcare, and Youthcare. The management of the programs was done by the integrating and sustaining community-based concept. Integrated Community Development (ICD) is a concept which is employed to distribute the community-based integrated services for the beneficiaries. By providing Mustahik Relation Officer (MRO) as an assistant for each ICD region, ICD has transformed into the measurable and controllable distribution program. This year, Rumah Zakat Indonesia also expanded its education service program by establishing free “Juara” elementary school. The best teachers were chosen to teach those next leaders. The communication program was developed broadly through electronic media. Television commercial ad entitled “Saya Percaya Rumah Zakat” was launched by collaborating with Helmy Yahya as its model. Gelar Budaya Zakat (GBZ) Menuju Indonesia Sadar Zakat 2008 program was held back in 10 different cities. The focusing and communicating programs are having a positive correlation toward the donations revenue. The donations were collected up to 50,16 billion rupiah, triple digits growth!


Rumah Zakat Indonesia has a strong will to enhance the empowering programs. The public’s trust and support have encouraged Rumah Zakat Indonesia to realize a great civilization namely, “the transformation from mustahik to muzakki”. The realization of its concept was realized through intensifying the development network of micro enterprises in 18 different cities. In addition to that concept, Rumah Zakat Indonesia also arranged motivation and skill trainings under the Youth Development Center. Those trainings have an important role to change people’s characteristic, mindset, and behavior because these factors may influence their standard of living.  Moreover, the assistance of 28 MRO volunteers also gave significant supports toward this program.

Rumah Zakat continued improving its standard to become a trustworthy and professional organization. One of them was reinforcing Human Capital Programs such as EAZI (Executive Amil Zakat Indonesia), ADP (Amil Development Program), and ACTPRO (Acceleration Program) launching program. These programs are proven to be more effective to satisfy profession and public’s requirement. People’s trust toward Rumah Zakat has grown significantly, the donations were collected up to 71,40 billion rupiah. On the other hand, this year, Rumah Zakat held the second GBZ road show in 19 different cities.


This year was the first year of Rumah Zakat Indonesia after celebrating its first decade. To reinforce its organization, Rumah Zakat developed new empowering organizations, namely: Rumah Sehat Indonesia (health program manager), Rumah Juara Indonesia (education program manager), dan Rumah Mandiri Indonesia (economic independent program manager). 8 “Juara” Schools and 7 free maternity houses.

2009 is the expansion year; it can be seen from the establishing of 14 new branch offices. The better management of Rumah Zakat Indonesia has obtained several appreciations from public such as Karim Business Consulting Award and Islamic Social Responsibility Award which claimed Rumah Zakat Indonesia as The Best National Amil Zakat Institution and The Best Organization in Zakat Development.

This year, the donations were collected up to 107,3 billion rupiah and it acclaimed Rumah Zakat Indonesia as the Indonesian greatest donations zakat collection management organization.


Many people predicted that global crisis on 2009 would be recovered this year. However, social and economic challenges are not easy to be faced. Thus, Rumah Zakat Indonesia determined several adjustments and adaptations for the institution to achieve global scale organization standard.

RUMAH ZAKAT as a new brand which exchanged the previous brand RUMAH ZAKAT INDONESIA was launched on April 5, 2010. This new brand has three new brand values: Trusted, Progressive and Humanitarian. RZ has reinforced its characteristic into “World Class Socio-Religious Non Governance Organization (NGO)” 

Sharing Confidence was blown up as its positioning “With a strong conviction to share and create a better global family, Rumah Zakat attempts to become a leading organization in the region which ensures effective and sustainable programs in empowering people to achieve a better life.”

To strengthen theses adjustments, it was launched “Merangkai Senyum Indonesia” action to improve Indonesian Human Development Index (IPM) especially in education, health and feasibility of life.


In 2011 Rumah Zakat had distributed its assistances to 835.163 beneficiaries across the region from Aceh to Papua. Rumah Zakat collected the donations from its donator and partners which accounted for 99.246 persons up to 146 billion rupiah.

The total donations which were collected in 2011, 9% of the donations are for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Rumah Zakat attempted to distribute its assistance to the indigents through education (Senyum Juara), health (Senyum Sehat), and economy (Senyum Mandiri) in 121 Integrated Community Development (ICD) regions.

Sekolah Juara is one of Rumah Zakat’s programs in education which provide good quality education for free. Today, Rumah Zakat has established 12 Sekolah Juara in 11 different cities. On the other hand, Rumah Zakat provides scholarship program for elementary to college students and it had helped up to 629.626 students.

In health program, Rumah Zakat and its partners have established 7 maternity houses (Rumah Bersalin Sehat Keluarga and 1 clinic (Klinik Sehat). Rumah Zakat also cooperates with 38 maternity services. This year, Rumah Zakat has 58 health centers and hearses.

Rumah Zakat has established 33 Balai Bina Mandiri (grassroots economic development program) in all target areas as the representation of economic program, each area is assisted by an MRO as a supervisor, an author, an empowerment surveyor, an environment booster, and a public’s advocate. Economic empowerment programs are existed in all ICD regions such as Kelompok Usaha Kecil Mandiri, Sarana Usaha Mandiri, Pelatihan Skill Produktif, and Budidaya Agro.


In 2012, Rumah Zakat has obtained great conviction from its donators and partners. It can be seen from the distribution of assistance which reaches over the regions and countries.

To upgrade Merangkai Senyum Indonesia program, Rumah Zakat attempts to persuade Indonesian people to keep smiling by launching Indonesian BIG SMILE program. In addition to Senyum Juara, Senyum Sehat, and Senyum Mandiri, in Indonesian BIG SMILE program Rumah Zakat adds Senyum Lestari as its awareness toward environment.

In Alloh Wills and all the RZ’s member effort, Rumah Zakat finally acquired ISO 9001:2008 for the Provision of Distribution of Zakat Services category on September, 2012. By acquiring the standard, it boosts Rumah Zakat to improve its management to be more professional in implementing its programs.

In 2012, Rumah Zakat increases its education infrastructure on the junior high school level by establishing SMP Juara Pekanbaru. Thus, in the late 2012 Rumah Zakat has established 13 Sekolah Juara in 11 different cities.


On September, 2013, Rumah Zakat metamorphosed into RZ The metamorphosis was not only on its Logo that will be applied in various devices, but it will also be applied for RZ’s employees’ working culture in order to move faster, skillful, but create great works to empower people.

RZ is a partner in sharing that attempts to bridge every synergy which is implemented favorably thus it can be a new meaningful lifestyle. In 2013, empowering programs which were oriented on education, health, economy, and environment had successfully empowered 5.753.927 beneficiaries spread for Aceh to Papua and even abroad.

In addition, RZ also participated in aiding the victims of civil war in Rohingya, Mount Sinabung eruption, Haiyan Thypoon in Philippine, and Bahkesra Expedition with Coordinating Ministry of People’s Welfare.


In 2014, Nutrition Farm which is initiated by RZ has successfully achieved Indonesia MDG Award (IMA) 2013 for Nutrition Category. On May, 2014, RZ launched Berbagi Senyum Senyum Berbagi (BSSB) action in Wisma Proklamasi, Central Jakarta. This action is initiated to invite Indonesian people to share their smile.

In this year, Agriculture Minister, Suswono, had also inaugurated the establishment of SMK Juara Peternakan in Subang. SMK Juara Peternakan is a vocational school which is established under MT Telkomsel sponsorship. It is presented to provide free qualified agribusiness education for the needy.

RZ also achieved Top of Mind Zakat Management 2014 Award in Indonesian Middle-Class Brand Forum (IMBF) III which was held by SWA Magazine and Center for Middle-Class Consumer Studies (CMCS) and Mitra Bhakti Kesra Utama 2014 Award for Coordinating Ministry of People’s Welfare since it the only NGO that participated in Bhakesra Expedition consistently. Bhakesra Expedition is an expedition of the distribution of various assistances to outermost areas in Indonesia.