About us Based on the spirit to be the best NGO in channeling happiness between donators and beneficiaries, Rumah Zakat is committed not only to be trusted, progressive and professional institution but also to collaborate with various parties to create the empowerment of Indonesian society. Alhamdulillah this time Rumah Zakat become one of LAZNAS (National Amil Zakah Institution) which is most trusted by society.

The growth of Rumah Zakat as a trusted LAZNAS is inseparable from its long history which originated from a study group Majlis Taklim Ummul Quro agreed to form a social institution concerned on humanitarian aid. July 2, 1998 formed an organization called Dompet Sosial Ummul Quro (DSUQ).


Foundation building of Islamic Charity Organization through society trust development


Improving service of zakat through integrated organization development


An integrated development to a healthy, strong, dynamic and credible Islamic Charity


Professional Islamic Charity Organization that becomes a world class Islamic Philantrophy


In 2017 the Rumah Zakat was transformed into Entrepreneurial Institution, and launched crowdfunding platform; sharinghappiness.org which is collaboration medium between Rumah Zakat and the community. Through the sharinghappiness.org, people can share ideas as well as channel aid to various categories of programs such as assistance to orphans and the poor, infrastructure development or humanitarian programs such as disaster-caring actions.

The empowered village (Desa Berdaya) which was originally the Integrated Community Development area is one of the flagship programs of Rumah Zakat which optimizes zakat funds, infaq and sadaqah and humanitarian funds from donors to develop villages through education, economic, health, and environmental programs.


In 2018 Rumah Zakat is committed to empowering more villages, now there are 1,259 Empowered villages (Desa Berdaya) in 30 cities. 2,912,362 people received benefits of Rumah Zakat’s empowerment programs in the form of health, education, economics, to the environment.

In 2018, Rumah Zakat won the 1st Indonesian Champion Original Brand Award, 1st Winner Indonesia Best E Mark Award and won the Republika Syariah Award.