Are you trying to get rid of excess fat and keep a good body weight for eternity? For those of you who usually run sports, there are 10 easy ways to optimize your weight loss.

Reported by Women’s Health, Sunday (5/1), these 10 ways are smart tips and still can make you eat well.

One, eat more seafood. The lower your levels of the hormone satiety leptin, the higher the risk of obesity. However, scientists have found a solution. As contained in Life Sciences, to increase the production of the hormone leptin, you can consume lobster because it is rich in zinc minerals.

Two, empty your stomach. Researchers at the University of Bath found that training on an empty stomach triggers an increase in PDK4 gene expression (the signs that your body fat is being burned). Try running before breakfast.

Three, Choose your snacks wisely. One of them is consuming nuts because it contains resveratol which can increase your fat cells’ ability to burn calories while resting.

Fourth, increase metabolism by consuming avocados. It’s better to apply avocado than butter to your toast. Avocados will increase your metabolic rate and help you burn more fat.

Five, give yourself a break. According to the University of Tasmania, Australia, adopting the “two weeks diet, two weeks holiday” protocol prevents your metabolic decline. This method can respond to congenital hunger during a strict diet.

Sixth, cut food into small pieces. Eating small pieces of food will make your calories consumption 20 percent less.

Seven, chewing gums containing no sugar. According to research from Glasgow Caledonian University, chewing sugarless gum for 15 minutes after eating will limit your desire to snack up to three hours after eating.

Eight, use milk for rejuvenation. After running hard, the recovery drink feels amazing, but that’s because it may contain artificial sweeteners. “Skim milk is a source of good quality protein and carbohydrates and is quickly absorbed,” nutritionist Drew Price said.

Ninth, try watermelon juice. Not only it has lower sugar than orange juice, watermelon is also rich in the amino acid citrulline. A study by Paris Descartes University found that watermelon contains compounds to eliminate stubborn belly fat.

Ten, if you want to eat cake, do it at breakfast. Scientists at Tel Aviv University, Israel, found that sweet treats in the morning would suppress the desire to eat cakes or other sweet foods during the day and night.

Source: republika.co.id

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