In summer everyone is trying to keep cool by consuming their favorite drink. For example ice cream, lemon ice or fresh fruit juice. But there is one drink that people often enjoy without paying attention to the temperature.

Many articles mention the benefits of hot coffee. Then what about cold coffee or iced coffee, is it more useful or not?

There are many benefits of drinking coffee. Including reducing the risk of heart disease, reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and can prolong life. Coffee is also associated with reducing the risk of depression and making cognitive skills better.

High levels of polyphenols, minerals and antioxidants are the reasons behind these benefits. Bioactive mixture in coffee is the main reason that makes coffee healthy.

And you’ll also be surprised to know that adding ice in coffee does not change the bioactive mixture, so cold coffee is as good as hot coffee.

Coffee nutrients do not affect any temperature. However, when compared to iced coffee slightly more useful than hot coffee.

Iced coffee is a better choice for people who have stomach problems. Cold coffee is 67 percent less acidic to better for the digestive system.

Ice coffee is also the right choice for people who always burn their tongue while sipping hot coffee. Iced coffee is higher in caffeine concentration, so people who have sleep problems should avoid consuming the coffee. Or you should drink ice coffee four hours before bed. But more caffeine is not always bad for you, quoted from the Times of India.



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