2016-rz-berikan-manfaat-kepada-1-2-juta-orangREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — RZ’s CEO, Nur Efendi explained, in 2016, religious social retail fund reached 250 billion Rupiahs and 25 billion of corporation or an overall increase of 20 percent over from the previous year. Of the composition, 75 percent are zakat, followed by donation and charity, as well as Ramadan and sacrifice.

Utilization of religious social funds managed RZ in 2016 managed to reach 1.285 million beneficiaries consisting of 720 905 thousand beneficiaries of the health program, 34 653 thousand beneficiaries of education programs, 1,757 beneficiaries self-sufficiency program, as well as the rest of the program Ramadan and sacrifice.

Each year, RZ targets to help solve one percent of poverty or 280 thousand people in 2016. By reaching 1.2 million beneficiaries, the target is reached.

In 2017 RZ wants to increase corporate zakat collection so that the growth of religious social fund could grow 31 percent over 2016. “By doing so we also target to help the 1.5 percent of the total poor people poor people nationwide,” said Efendi, Monday  (01/02).


Source: http://khazanah.republika.co.id/berita/dunia-islam/wakaf/17/01/02/oj5f6n368-2016-rumah-zakat-berikan-manfaat-kepada-12-juta-orang

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