Before exercising, during, and after exercising, there are some important things that you need to follow. The following 5 steps must be taken after exercising.

Bathing and changing clothes

You will be very sweaty after exercise. Sweat makes germs lodged in the body, which can cause disease. Those who are accustomed to exercising in the gym, instead have a higher obligation to shower.

According to research, equipment in the gym is the biggest den of germs and bacteria because it is used by people who sweat. By bathing and changing wet clothes, the body automatically recovers.

Replace fluids and fill the stomach properly

Exercising drains body fluids and burns calories to make energy. One important thing that you should schedule after exercising is drinking and eating 30 minutes afterward.

Actually this does not need to be told because the body will provide its own code with thirst and hunger. However, you must read the body code correctly. Mineral water is sufficient to replace lost body fluids, and high protein foods are suitable for speeding up post-exercise recovery.

Not doing strenuous activities

This is why exercise should be scheduled on separate days from other exhausting activities. That is, you should not travel far before or after exercising.

Your body’s muscles must be fresh before exercising and recover immediately afterward. Doing strenuous activities after exercising actually increases risks of injury.

Not lazing around

Indeed you have to relax after exercising. Unfortunately, many people misinterpret this. Therefore, many people who sit in front of the TV with a big bowl of snack chips and watch your favorite movie until the evening.

First, eating foods that are not good for the body is wrong. Second, indeed you are relaxed and do not do many things, but your eyes are not closed and your heart rate is still working.

The body does not recover well but instead makes it more painful. It is better to turn off the TV and go to bed immediately when your body is too tired.

Rest enough to go back to activities

Do not ever underestimate resting and sleep because the body needs it. There is no such thing as taking a nap and returning to activities. In fact, even professional athletes need more than one day to get enough rest.

When you want a good and healthy body, it helps you to also appreciate the body by giving it enough rest.

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