atasi-pegal-akibat-mudik After struggling in a long traffic jam from the hometown, of course, the body feels despondent and all joints feel sore. What needs to be done to overcome the aches and pains all over your body? Here are some tips that you can try:

1. Clean-up and Take a rest immediately

Take a Bath and go to sleep immediately is an option that needs to be taken. Ignore the dirty clothes, dirty house, or other things that need to be cleaned, the first priority is our body that has been exhausted during the trip. Break of at least 30 minutes for a little fatigue subsided, may move if the new body has somewhat feels friendly.

2. Massage relay

Ask partners and children sitting in a circle on the carpet or floor and start massaging each other. This is how to get the cheapest massage and bound togetherness at the same time.

3. Soaking in warm water

Take a shower with warm water or at least soak feet in warm water until the calf can relieve aches and pains, as well as make our body more relaxed.

4. Use turmeric

Turmeric can overcome stiffness in the shoulder due to long trips. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in turmeric can cure swelling and reduce pain in the shoulder. Make turmeric into a powder mixed with coconut oil, and then sow the sore shoulder.

5. Massage with lavender oil
Not only sore shoulder, the muscles of the body to also surely ache. So you can mix a few drops of lavender oil to bath water to make tired muscles to relax and reduce pain.

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