PANGALENGAN. (14/04) Rumah Zakat with Human Concern International (HCI) distributed Superqurban in Kampung Purbasari Rw. 05 (102 KK) and Rw. 09 (120 KK) Wanasuka Villages Pangalengan District Bandung Regency.

By bringing 700 Rendang Superqurban, Rumah Zakat volunteers travel 50 KM from Bandung City Center to the location of distribution. The area located at the height of 1450 Masl is a hilly area surrounded by tea plantations owned by PTPN VIII.  Although living in a plantation complex, of hundreds of purbasari residents, only 43 people are permanent employees of the plantation. The majority of the population work as casual laborers.

Arriving at the location, Team Volunteers Rumah Zakat warmly welcomed by the citizens with enthusiasm. The distribution of Superqurban Rendang was immediately carried out in Madrasah kampung Purbasari and assisted by the Chairman of RW and Chairman of the local RT. not only in Madrasah, volunteers also delivered Superqurban to the residents’ homes, because in kampung purbasari many elderly who cannot go to madrasah.

“Thanks to Rumah Zakat and HCI, we are going to visit our village and thank you for the rendang. Alhamdulilah people can eat meat. ” Said Head of Dusun Purbasari, Dadang tisna (52 years).

Superqurban distribution is also expected to meet nutrition needs of underprivileged people, especially people living in remote areas.

Izzatul Yazid / Lailatul Istikhomah

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