Sleeping well at night is everyone’s hope. The body should have enough rest so that daily routines remain optimal.

Women experience sleep disorders more often than men, one of them due to too many multitasking. Bad sleep habits reduce memory, concentration, clarity of thinking, thus affecting productivity and success.

Here are some tips for the quantity and quality of night sleep guaranteed, quoted from US News, Thursday (3/5).

First, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. This keeps the body’s biological clock in sync.

Secondly, you cannot replace the lack of sleep for five or six working days by sleeping all day on weekends. Make a night routine that stimulates you to fall asleep and rest.

Third, choose casual activities, such as reading a book that is not related to work before bed. Avoid watching television, opening laptops, and playing mobile phones.

Fourth, try moving away from your gadget screen an hour or two before bed. Train this on a regular basis so that your rest quality at night is safely under control.

Fifth, avoid consuming caffeine and alcoholic beverages before bed. You can do stretching, breathing exercises, yoga or meditation to help the body transcend the mind.

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