By: Abdul Muid Badrun

“Verily I (Muhammad) was sent on this earth to perfect moral” (Bukhari). This hadith gives us a warning, how moral issues in the present age become very important and prioritized.

Why? Because we are aware The problems from then until now that have surfaced are more due to the absence of moral mercy (noble morals). This is our homework as a Muslim together.

Event after event, incident after incident that colors our lives lately, often does not make sense. Like parents killing their children, children killing their parents; preaching everywhere, but corruption is increasingly rampant; industrialization of lies is more fertile, and so on.

Then, it is natural that the Quran refers to those who go beyond limits as a “generation of bal hum”, ie generation of humans whose behavior is worse than even animals (QS al-A’raf: 179) Then, how do we respond to this?

Becoming parents in the present age is not easy. Even being a child is not easy. They must be prepared and race against the swift flow of information that can shape behavior and habits.

Gadgets, television, the internet, and the social environment become a threat if they are not firm and careful in responding to it. I, as a parent, feel the same way. How our children have turned into millennial children. The way to nurture and educate them must also be smart and decisive.

I take, for example, a matter of time management between schools, extra courses outside, and study at home. If not careful, parents will be faced with the attitude of a child who is bored alias bored with routine. They will tend to pretend to be obedient, but they really aren’t. So, the balance must be sought. Worse yet, parents leave their children just like that and are busy with their respective jobs.

Thus, the morals of millennial children grow freely without control. In fact, there are parents who think to put their children into a boarding school as a “medicine” so that children and teenagers can be suppressed early on. Is that correct? At a glance, it’s right.

However, is it not the responsibility of educating the morals of the millennial generation a joint task. Starting with parents, teachers in Islamic boarding schools and the surrounding community. So that bad millennial morals can be fixed. Admittedly, widescreen movies, television soap operas, and the internet have kept millennial generations away from religion. As a result, their behavior and attitudes also reflect far from religious guidance.

I invite parents not to be ignorant of the future of our millennial generation. We are the parents who are “representatives” of the Prophet Muhammad to perfect and educate our children so that they have noble millennial morals: honest, dare to say the truth, trust, and responsibility. The child is a trust and a trial at the same time. (Surat al-Anfaal: 28). Therefore, keep that mandate properly so that trials do not become torture.


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