aksi-kemanusiaan-untuk-rombongan-aksi-212-ciamis-jakartaCILEUNYI.(11/30) The students and Ciamis residents welcomed enthusiastically Stand for Islam III or so-called action 212 with an incredible struggle, they were willing to walk on foot from Ciamis to Jakarta with the distance of 300 km.

Seeing the amazing action, RZ did not remain silent, to help the demonstrators who walk RZ Volunteers conduct humanitarian action, by giving 300 rice boxes, fruit juice and mineral water longmarch Ciamis – Jakarta group.

Coinciding with the midday call to prayer, the long march group arrived at Rancaekek gas station, Bandung regency which is also the location of the point where the RZ volunteers will distribute logistics consumption.

“Most of the group went directly toward the mosque, praying around the gas station, there was also a break while waiting queues midday prayers due to the number of participants. At that rime we began distributing meal package, fruit juice and mineral water to the participant. “Dadan Taryono said, Volunteer coordinator of RZ Bandung.

One of the action participants also said that during the trip they get a lot of food aid, “Many who give bread and biscuits, but Alhamdulillah some of them give us meals and fruits although the amount not as much as the amount of bread. Thanks for the meal and fruit “said one of the participant.

Currently the long march group has entered Cileunyi toward Cibiru. Hopefully this humanitarian action can help the participants of the action separately meet their physical needs. “It is also a form of our moral support to the fighters of Ciamis, we learn the meaning of the totality from their struggle,” said Dadan.


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