Aksi Relawan RZ Turut Meriahkan Sekolah dan Madrasah Aman Bencana

JAKARTA. Sunday (1/22) morning, students of various levels and Jakarta people act together at the site of Car Free Day from Bundaran BI region to Bundaran HI to campaign School / Madrasah Safe Disaster (SMAB ) in DKI Jakarta province. The event was filled with Remark from Governor of Jakarta, Soni Sumarsono (tasks executor) who gave a speech while initiated activities with a hand stamp.

“Gebyar SMAB is one manifestation of the appreciation of the Government of Jakarta to mark the achievement of success by stakeholders in developing a program SMAB in Jakarta with people power partnership approach,” said Soni Sumarsono tasks executor of  Governor of DKI Jakarta.

According to the data, the total number of schools in Jakarta is  5,001 schools, consisting of 2,881 primary schools, 1,042 junior high schools, 474 high schools and 604 vocational school.

“We hope that in 2018, all schools and madrassah in the province of DKI Jakarta has successfully run this SMAB program, so as to contribute concretely to cultivate a culture of safety and may reduce the risk of disaster for children,” said Soni Sumarsono.

About 50 Institutions that participate from the UN representative in Indonesia, international national and local NGOs, , academic and civil society organizations.

Rumah Zakat (RZ) is one of the social institutions that participate in celebrating the SMAB action. Volunteers of RZ presents a game of snakes and ladders to entertain the students, storytellers and ambulance were on alert at the site.

“We opted to support and entertain children here. According to our understanding of disaster preparedness is very important for children. When many of the students alert and know what to do when a disaster occurs it will be a lot of lives of those who survived, “said Yazid as the Chief Coordinator of RZ Volunteer.

The event had a series of other entertainment events such as the display of artistic creations from students who attended and covered with storytelling from Kak Dwi.

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