LOMBOK. The number of victims of the 7 SR earthquake that shook the region of West Nusa Tenggara and Bali continued to increase. Recorded until Monday (13/8), the impact of the 7th earthquake caused 437 deaths. The injured victims recorded 1,353 people, of which 783 people were seriously injured and 570 people were slightly injured. The most injured victims were in North Lombok as many as 640 people. North Lombok is the area most affected by the earthquake because it is close to the 7 SR earthquake center.

Meanwhile, quoting a statement from Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the Head of the Information Data Center and Public Relations of BNPB – the number of refugees often changes. This is because many refugees during the day return to their homes or work in their gardens.

“On the night they returned to refugee camps. There were also refugees who had returned to their homes,” Sutopo said.

Based on data from the Lombok Earthquake Response Post on (13/08), IDPs recorded 352,793 people. Distribution of refugees is found in North Lombok, East Lombok and Mataram cities.

The impact of economic losses due to the earthquake in West Nusa Tenggara was very large. The BNPB Deputy for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction continued to calculate damage and losses due to earthquakes in NTB, both 6.4 SR earthquakes on (29/07) and 7 SR earthquakes on (05/08) Preliminary results of fast count damage and losses due to the earthquake in NTB reached more than 5.04 trillion rupiah. This figure is temporary, only based on the data base on (09/08), it is certain that the economic impact is more than 5.04 trillion.

Until now, Rumah Zakat Disaster Team consisting of Volunteers, Medical Teams and Psychosocial Teams are still on standby at the Lombok earthquake evacuation post. Unscrupulous standby actions continue to be carried out starting from public kitchen services in 3 evacuation posts, the establishment of the main posts in Sigar Pejalin Hamlet, North Lombok, medical services that up to now have served 1194 in 10 affected areas, especially in West Lombok that still lack assistance and Superqurban corned beef as food ingredients in public kitchens.

Recently, Rumah Zakat sent a psychosocial team to conduct Trauma Healing, especially children, with 111 people receiving Psychosocial Action services spread over 4 points. Not only that, Rumah Zakat also established an emergency mosque, provided refugee tents, and set up MCK for the refugees and sent 7000 Superqurban corned beef on Monday night (08/13) as food for the refugees.

“Until now, our brothers are still in dire need of food supplies, because the post-earthquake situation is not yet fully conducive, so people are still having difficulties in obtaining food, Superquban has become a practical food solution for refugees,” said Dhika, a volunteer of Rumah Zakat.

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