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RZ LDKO CilegonPEKANBARU. As a commitment toward social concern program, Alfamart announced its collaboration in humanitarian fundraising program with RZ (Rumah Zakat) at an Alfamart Outlet located in Jalan Sembilang Rumbai Pesisir, Friday (22/8).

The cooperation focuses in humanitarian fundraising via Superinfak boxes placed at all Alfamart Outlets in Pekanbaru. Ardi Sulardi, Alfamart Branch Manager, said that the program is a part of Alfamart effort in facilitating customers to share. “The collected donation then will be distributed to underprivileged families via RZ and it totally under RZ supervision,” he said.

Sulardi claimed that RZ is chosen as a partner because it has been well-known as credible and capable zakat institution in Indonesia.

On the other hand, Resti Hartati, Pekanbaru RZ Branch Manager, said that collected donation will be distributed to underprivileged families via free ambulance program, scholarship program, and economic empowerment program.***

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RZ Superifak

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