Jealousy is a feeling of dislike when we see someone we care about doing something we do not like or prefer other people than us. Surely we are very familiar with this one feeling. And it is a natural thing because that is one of the proofs of our love.


Did you know that God is jealous of His creatures? In his hadith, Rasulullah SAW said,


“Lo! Allah is jealous; and jealousy of Allah is, if there is someone who do the deeds that are forbidden. “(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)


Jealousy of God is when we as His servants do the deeds that are forbidden by God. This proves how much God loves us as His servants. Because,  jealousy arise when we love someone so much.


If we are aware of all that God has given us all this time, then we will know how much God loves us. Until he is jealous if we do the deeds he forbade. For surely God knows, the things that are forbidden by Him are things that will damage ourselves. God just does not want something bad happen to us. God only wants us to be happy, not even just happy but very-very happy.


After what God has given us all this time, still we want to do the forbidden and make him jealous?.



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