SURAKARTA. (08/31) Sunarno is a member of Rumah zakat in Economic empowerment in Kadipiro empowered village, Banjarsari, Surakarta who owns jodo porridge business. In a day usually open 2 times in the morning and afternoon at different locations. Most buyers are school children so that business continuity is quite dependent on school children.

“My income from selling porridge, depending on the school children, if school holidays, the bussiness also take a holiday” he said.

This year, Alloh reinforced mas Munir intention (his familiar name) by participating qurbany in Rumah Zakat in the form of retail cattle. Actually he has intention for Qurban a long time ago but it just realized  on Wednesday afternoon. Finally Munir withdraw half his savings in the cooperative for qurban.

“I choose Superqurban because qurban in the mosque is quite a lot, hopefully with Superqurban can add more benefit” said Sunarno to Rumah Zakat (08/30)

Newsroom / Ria Arianti


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