ANAK JUARA LAKUKAN AKSI SOSIAL DI MDTA AL-KHAIRIYAH CIDOHOK, KORBAN BANJIR SERANGSERANG.Not only as beneficiaries of scholarships, RZ cilegon foster children ‘Anak Juara’ proved to have a high social life, as evidenced by conducting fundraising actions a few weeks ago while mentoring in their respective areas. Consequently collected some groceries, stationery and wearable uniforms, and those distributed yesterday in MDTA / MTs Al-Khairiyah Cidohok, the school building collapsed due to flood some time ago, Saturday (09/03).

Anak Juara and Mentor as a representative from each district helped to distribute the aid that is deposited by his friends to children in Cidohok village. Besides providing assistance in the form of groceries, stationery and wearable uniforms, Anak Juara and mentor give entertainment to MDTA Al-Khairiyah Cidohok with fun and entertaining games and competitions.

“Alhamdulillah, activities of social action involving Anak Juara went smoothly, the children felt happy because invited to go to the field to help his brothers who are currently in hard condition, the school collapsed affected by flood” Said Zaenudin, as coordinator of the action.

Meanwhile, Ustadz Juwanda, the proncipal of Al-Khairiyah MDTA Cidohok expressed his gratitude to donators and RZ Cilegon team. “I say thank you, Rumah Zakat that has come for the second time and help us, as well as entertain children.” He said.

Meanwhile, Maulinda ‘anak juara’ who follow the action expressed her concern after seeing firsthand the condition of schools in Cidohok “I am concerned about the condition of schools in Cidohok, I am grateful i can study in good school, perhaps the children here (ed. MDTA Cidohok) also need a decent place to learn ” She said. Maulinda goes on to give motivation to students of MDTA Cidohok, “May the children here given the patience to be successful and make the parents proud” She concluded.

social action given in the form of food assistance, stationery and uniforms wearable done by anak juara and mentor that coincided with the activities of the distribution of learning supplies assistance for MDTA Al-Khairiyah Cidohok from RZ Cilegon which in this case represented Komite Relawan Nusantara..


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