RZ LDKO CilegonBANDUNG. In 2015, RZ is initiated to implement a program for sharing happiness named “Pekan Berbagi Senyum” regularly every month. Pekan Berbagi Senyum (PBS) is a program where society generally is invited to share experiences, skills, or knowledge to the beneficiaries of RZ.

PBS is a part of Sharing and Creating More Smiles Action that was initiated after the implementation of 7 Days of Smile Challenge and Smile Day at Car Free Day.

During Ramadan 1436H or between June and July 2015, there were 126 participants who voluntarily participated in this program. They were public or donors of RZ who were interested to share and empower the beneficiaries spread in 29 cities.

“Considering people enthusiasm toward this program, RZ also will implement this program in the last week of August from 18th to 24th. This month will be different from previous months because the audience will be the beneficiaries of economic and environmental programs,” Yadi Mulyadi, Community Relations of RZ, said.

Mulyadi added that if you want to participate in this program you can follow the instruction below:

1. Follow RZ’s twitter and instagram account @rumahzakat and like its facebook fanspage.
2. Fill registration form at www.rumahzakat.org/daftarpekanberbagi
3. Registration will be opened from August 1st to 10th, 2015.

With RZ, Your Care, Empower Indonesia!

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