ASAH KREATIVITAS, SD JUARA CILEGON PRAKTIK MEMBUAT ES CINCAUCILEGON.2nd grade Students of SD Juara Cilegon seen learning how to make grass jelly on Tuesday (08/03). Grass jelly is made from processed leaves and squeezed it until the juice come from it. In an earlier meeting the homeroom teacher assigned to each student to bring equipment such as basins, filters, cups, and spoons. Homeroom teacher also assigned student to seek grass jelly leaves around their home.

Before practice began making grass jelly, homeroom teacher checked the equipment brought by student. Then homeroom teacher distribute grass jelly leaf to students who did not take it. And then Practice to make grass jelly began. The first step, the students wash the leaves first. Then start squeezed-out the juice while given a little water.

After that, then the juices filtered in order to make the juice separated from the leaves. After all the process is passed, let the juice stand for a few minutes so that the grass jelly juice becomes thick and dense. After settling, give a little syrup and ice cubes to make it more delicious. Then grass jelly made by 2nd grade student of SD Juara Cilegon. Students also looked very happy and satisfied can enjoy together grass jelly drinks that they made themselves. In fact, they even shared the grass jelly drink with the teachers, juniors, and their senior.

“Alhamdulillah students looked happy because they managed to make grass jelly drink. They also do not forget to share with teachers and other friends. Practice makes grass jelly is indeed simple, but it can teach students to be more creative and more independent making healthy beverage, “said Mirnawati as 2 SD Champion class guardian Cilegon.


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