“Come on Asep spirit !, you must win, you surely can” exclaimed friends of Asep Saepulloh encouraged him during the RW futsal match time.

That is Asep, the son of Syatibi Latif and Fatonah who became the favorite of his friends while playing Futsal.

His father had died of illness, and now Asep lives with his mother and brother in the village of Gegeneng RT 02/01 Suka Dalem Village Waringin Kurung Serang District.

“From the first father was sick, we are seeking medicine here but has not succeeded until death.” Fatonah story, his mother Asep.

Fatonah now works as a helper in a housing estate not far from his village. While Asep day-to-day school, the morning enter primary school and afternoon enter the madrasah.

In accordance with his hobby in sports, Asep aspires to become a sports teacher. Asep one of the beneficiaries of the BBY program on Wednesday (01/11), at Saung Grogol Restaurant for lunch, go to Ramayana for stationery shopping and watch together at Studio 21.

“I’m happy to have the recreation like this, eat together, shop and watch together,” said Asep.

Source: AnakJuara

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