ASYIKNYA OUTING CLASS KE PANGKALAN BEMO ALA SD JUARA JAKTIMJAKARTA. The shining sun accompanied cheerful smile from 4 graders of Imam Abu Dawud class, SD Juara Jakarta Timur conducting Outing Class to bemo station not far from the school.

Outing Class themed traditional transport integrates several subjects with a Core Value and Multiple Intelligent of students.

4th grade students who have a variety of dominant intelligences such as kinesthetic, linguistics, and visual feel challenged to follow this teaching.

Not only that, the pedestrians who passed us was fascinated with learning styles of children who were observed and did interactive interview to Bemo driver.

Learning activity divided into several groups. Each group ride different Bemo beforehand so they acquainted with the sources. In this case they learn to dare to ask, communicative interact, and socialize with anyone.

“The driver is very kind, despite being on duty, still answering the question of children,” said Mrs. adhes who accompany their outing class. Not only that, The Bemo driver was also enthusiastically involved in children’s activities, Jakarta (08/16).

After observation and interviews, the students present a report on classroom observation.

In the presentation there are a lot of information obtained from the lessons of History, Science / Science, Indonesian, Mathematics, PLBJ, IPS, character, Cova, and MI.

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