BANGLADESH. (02/11) This is Muhammad Ayyas, one of Rohingya’s children who must now undergo his childhood in the refugee camp.

Physical and psychical pressure from the Myanmar army, forcing small Ayyas to travel hundreds of kilometers from his native place in Maungdaw to evacuate. Feeling worried, Ayyas’ family brought all their possessions as a provision for his family’s journey to Bangladesh. They had to cross the Naf river which was not only deep but also swift. Not only that, Ayyas and his family had to continue the journey through the wilderness to get to the refugee camp.

After a long journey that is not easy for tens of days, now Ayyas and family living in Kamp Jamtoli with hundreds of thousands of other Rohingya citizens. Ayyas occupies a simple plastic-walled shelter, though it looks sad, it is much better than living in fear in the hometown. To meet the needs of everyday life, Ayyas and family relied solely on aid from humanitarian agencies who came to their refugee camps.

The shabby camp conditions make Ayyas and thousands of Rohingya children vulnerable to various diseases, let alone now beginning to enter the wet and winter seasons, making their life challenges heavier.

Friends, a lot of wisdom that we can take from the life story of the Rohingya. For them, this is a test of patience that they must pass unequivocally. And for us, what they experience is also a test to see how caring we are to our fellow human beings.

Newsroom / Kuna

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