JAKARTA. Exhibition Team of Art & Skill Creation at graduation event of SD Juara Utara Jakarta witnessed the growth of young entrepreneurs owned by SD Juara Utara Jakarta. Imagine, the results of student creations on display are sold, brought by visitors. The exhibition team of Mawar Maci Aden, Siti Chotimah, Niki Agustina and Dedeh Komalasari were very busy serving the visitors who are very enthusiastic to see the students’ work and buy it.


All the workshops featured in the exhibition are products of SBK (Arts and Culture) lesson projects and Bahasa lessons. The products are paintings, cloth bags, pillows, whiteboard erasers, necklaces, mote bracelets, keychains, mote brocs, pantun candy and slime.


Although many are interested in student workshops, but not all of the products displayed can be sold, as some have been awarded for the teacher as a memento, while the pantun candy is distributed free of charge to the visitors and guests of the graduation ceremony.


With the slogan “Building Creative, Self-Generated and Creative Generation” this workshop exhibition is expected to be one of the showpieces of the talented students of SD Juara Jakarta utara in art and skill. This slogan is a reflection of the core values ​​of Juara School which among them aims to form the character of students who are creative, independent and have entrepreneurial spirit.


Proven in this exhibition, the student’s workshops took attention from visitors. The products sold include, among others, Siti Soleha’s moto brooch and Revan’s slime from the sixth grade. They look happy to know their work exhibited and make the visitors interested. “Alhamdulillah the results of my workshops favored many people, hopefully this can be my motivation to be able to continue to be creative.” Siti Soleha Said.


“It is certainly worthy of appreciation and motivation to work better. Hopefully more seeds of young entrepreneurs will grow in SD Juara North Jakarta, in order to build an independent, creative, and creative generation that will build the economic sovereignty of the people in the future, “said one teacher of SD Juara Jakarta Utara.

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